Photography Myths Demystified: Part 1

Photography Myths Demystified 1

This topic is will be in series.  This is to enable you have a deep insight into what is; generally known about photography and what should actually be. The goal of this piece is to have a few photography myths demystified.


So many have fallen prey to various misconceptions about photography at different stages.  There have been assumptions that a new camera will make you a much better photographer, there is also  the “never use the on-camera flash” and amazingly each photographer, whether amateur or professional consciously or unconsciously have the set of rules they abide by. However, as crucial as rules are, grounding yourself to rules can choke your creative ability and in some instances, could be disadvantageous to your photography.  Rules are meant to guide but sometimes, not going by set rules can produce ground breaking results….as long as you know what you’re doing!

Let’s read on to see some commonly spread myths about photography.  As you read on, separate the fruits from the shafts and watch out for the rules that can be broken…

Myth 1 – Photography is Easy

Photography Myths Demystified 2

It is sure easy to snap a picture that is, take a camera and click but that does not infer that photography is a piece of meal. The truth it is, Photography is NOT easy! “Why do you say so?” you might ask.

The reason is this; Photography is both a science and an art. To learn and understand photography takes painstaking patience, time and loads of practice!  The art of taking creatively compelling images doesn’t just happen overnight. With continuous practice, it will become easier to recall the rules and settings however, the term ‘easy’ is not a term most photographers would use to describe photography

Myth 2 –  Use the Rule of Thirds Always

Photography Myths Demystified 3

This rule has to do with the main focal points of an image to be placed on thirds section of an image but there are times when the image calls for a different approach, do you now stick to the rule reluctant to try a different approach when it best serves the composition?  For example, objects with symmetry often avail by being placed in the center of an image, rather than to the side.

Be sure to read the concluding part of this article; Photography Myths Demystified: Part 2, to gain a full understanding of all myths that should be debunked.



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