How To Use EXIF Details To Take Better Photos

How To Use EXIF Details To Take Better Photos

In this write up, our focus will be on how to use EXIF details to take better photos.  In order to use EXIF details to take better photos, a  good photographer should know about the different aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and ISO settings that creates an impressive picture. It is important to know, how all of these work together to create the final product.  Hence, it is worthy of note that today’s digital camera models are amazingly useful. They save all these information every time a photo is taken, in a separate part of your image file referred to as the photo’s EXIF information.  EXIF file is a collection of facts about the picture you just snapped. It is a recording of the camera model used, aperture, shutter speed,focal length, and in some cases, ISO speed and GPS coordinates. With improvements in camera models, more details are recorded in the EXIF file. There is a possibility there will be cameras with temperature and barometric pressure sensors in the nearest future so one can see how that affects the photo too.

Where you can find EXIF details

In order to know how to use EXIF details to take better photos, you know where to find the EXIF details.  EXIF details for a photo can be found either from your camera or your computer. On camera  simply press the little “i” button. A menu that contains all of the EXIF information will pop up. If you are using a mac, right click on an image file and select “get info”  this will bring up the EXIF information. PC users will right click on a photo, choose properties and then details.

How To Use EXIF Details To Take Better Photos 1

How to use EXIF details to take better photos

How do we make use of EXIF details to take better photos? EXIF details comes in handy when you are creating a better copy of the same photo.  EXIF files is a fantastic way to reverse what your camera’s automatic mode is doing. This way, you can gradually wean yourself off it and learn how to snap in manual mode. You just have to take a photo in automatic mode, check the EXIF details while you are on the field, and then create the settings in manual mode. Make effort to find out why the camera’s automatic mode is doing what it’s doing, and you will  have a better understanding of what is going on.  Making use of the EXIF details will also help you understand how the camera’s automatic modes can often fall short of the expected standard.

How To Use EXIF Details To Take Better Photos 2

In conclusion,  in our journey to know how to use EXIF details to take better photos,  constant practice  is required and with time, you will no longer need to refer to the EXIF information each time you go out to take snap shots of  photos. You would have developed a keen insight of the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, focal length, and all that comes together to make a photo work. You would have mastered where to meter your shots to get the best lighting  and all the small adjustments to make to get what you want.  However, till then, keep making use of  your camera’s EXIF details to adjust your photos and improve them.

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