How to take great photos of sunset (1)

How to take great photos of sunset

Hmmmm… The topic we are delving in today promises to be revealing and educative; How to take great photos of sunset.  Hop on and let’s journey down this intriguing lane!!!

Yes,  sun sets every day.  However, to get an eye catching photo of sunset, there is need for the right conditions of dust and clouds.The dusky-red of the setting sun is the result of dust in the air. Where does it come from? Wind blows lots of dust from the ground up into the air.  Clouds play a significant role in adding stunning beauty to sunset photos.  Either thick clouds that block parts of the sky or wispy clouds that present amazing colors, the most impressive sunset photos in most cases, include clouds.

Below are a few tips on how to take great photos of sunset:

1. Underexpose:  This is a crucial tip for taking pictures of sunsets.  Slight underexposure of the sunset will make the enrich and define the colors.  Underexposure can be done by using manual mode and selecting a fast shutter speed. 

2.  Foreground:  An  amazing sunset photo must have an arresting object in the foreground.  It could be a pond, a waterfall, a stream, or anything that will surely captivate. This is an appealing  to addition of depth to the scene.

How to take great photos of sunset 1

3. Positioning the horizon:   Do not put the horizon line in the middle of the photo.  An  acceptable general rule is to place the horizon at the bottom third of the photo, that is, if the sunset is intriguing. Then at the top third of the photo if the sunset is not so arresting.

How to take great photos of sunset 2

4.   Ensure to shoot in aperture priority with exposure compensation when the sun is still in the sky. You can switch to manual once the sun goes below the horizon.  This will give room for you to  conveniently shoot in aperture priority  mode because the light levels change quickly before sunset.  So,switching to manual mode helps you to get a more precise exposure after the sun goes down.  In low light settings, the exposure meter on your camera will be in most cases be inaccurate. Hence, manual mode after sunset is the best alternative.

How to take great photos of sunset 3

5.  The 2nd beauty:  The sky usually lights up with color again like half an hour after the sun goes below the horizon.  Many photographers miss this ‘amazing moment’; the second sunset!  It is usually awe striking and immensely beautiful than the first in most cases.

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